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Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 – Join Now and Drive Innovation in Healthcare!

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the healthcare and wellbeing industry, has launched an initiative aimed at nurturing high-potential startups. The Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 is a three-month hybrid program designed to empower startups utilising AI technology to innovate and expand their ventures responsibly. This program stands as a beacon for founders seeking to leverage AI to solve pressing health and wellbeing challenges, offering an unprecedented opportunity to grow under the guidance of one of the world's leading technology companies.

🌍 Region Europe, Middle East, Africa
🤖 Focus AI in Healthcare
📆 Duration 3 Months + Ongoing Support
📈 Benefits Equity-free support, Google products, technical consulting, leadership training
🤝 Networking Access to VCs, industry leaders
👥 Eligibility Seed to Series A, AI-focused, demonstrated traction
⏳ Deadline 1 March 2024
🚀 Application Online at Google for Startups

Program Overview

At the heart of the Google for Startups Growth Academy is a commitment to fostering innovation within the healthcare sector. The program provides a comprehensive suite of workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking opportunities. These resources are tailored to help founders fine-tune data-driven strategies for customer acquisition, partnership development, and responsible innovation using emerging technologies. Additionally, the program facilitates startups' expansion into new markets, ensuring a broader impact of their solutions.

Hybrid Format for Enhanced Learning

Recognising the value of both in-person and virtual interactions, the program adopts a hybrid format. Participants will attend two in-person sessions, with the locations to be announced shortly, allowing for valuable face-to-face networking and learning experiences. The remainder of the program will be conducted virtually, offering flexibility and accessibility to startups across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Benefits of Participation

The Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 provides a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Equity-free support: Participants gain access to Google's vast array of products and resources without sacrificing equity.
  • Expert mentorship: Startups receive personalised technical consulting and mentorship from Google mentors and AI experts.
  • Strategic support: The program offers guidance on AI, company, and product strategy to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Leadership training: Tailored training sessions are designed to enhance management skills and leadership capabilities.
  • International expansion support: With the help of mentors and Google teams, startups can explore new international markets.
  • Networking opportunities: Connecting with VCs, industry leaders, and fellow founders, participants become part of an invaluable alumni network.
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Eligibility Criteria

The program is looking for startups that are:

  • Based in Europe, the Middle East, and/or Africa and aspiring to scale internationally.
  • Utilising AI to tackle health or wellbeing issues.
  • Demonstrating clear traction through user engagement and revenue generation.
  • Offering a scalable product or service with a significant market and a defensible growth model.

How to Apply

Startups interested in applying for this transformative opportunity should note that the application deadline is March 1, 2024. It is crucial to submit applications by this date as late submissions will not be considered. To apply, founders can visit the following link: Google for Startups Growth Academy Application.

For additional information about the program and its offerings, please visit the Growth Academy: AI for Health page on the Google for Startups website.


The Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health 2024 represents a pivotal opportunity for startups at the intersection of AI and healthcare. With its comprehensive support system, expert mentorship, and access to a global network, the program promises to propel high-potential startups to new heights. If you're leading a startup that fits the eligibility criteria, this program offers a unique chance to accelerate your growth and make a meaningful impact in the health and wellbeing sector.


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