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Strategies in Examinations: A Comparison Between Hi-Tech and Traditional Cheating Methods

Wireless Earpiece Method

how to cheat in exams with wireless spy earpiece

The novelty on the market of exam devices is wireless spy earpiece. This tool is tiny and of nude color. Once inserted inside the ear, it cannot be seen by others. Spy earpiece is compatible with all cell phones and even MP3 players. Suits for secret phone communication and MP3 audio files listening. To learn more about this cheating option, visit How to Choose Spy Set page.

  • Risk level1 out of 10
  • What you need: spy earpiece, cell phone or MP3

GSM Box Method

ways to cheat in an exam with gsm box

This is the most advanced method of cheating ever invented. If you cannot take a cell phone on the exam, just use a special GSM box instead. You simply insert a SIM card into the box and receive a phone call from your friend who will be dictating you replies to exam questions. In conjunction with a wireless spy earpiece this will be 100% undetectable.

  • Risk level1 out of 10
  • What you need: spy earpiece, GSM Box

Headphone in Sleeve

how to cheat on exam with spy headphone

Using your cell phone with a standard headphone is also a popular cheating method. To hide the headphone, slide it through the sleeve, while the cell phone is inside the pocket. Be sure to adjust the sound in advance not to be caught by your teacher.

  • Risk level6 out of 10
  • What you need: cell phone or MP3 player, headphones

SMS Method

cheat exam - sms method

If you have a friend ready to help you and your cell phone is nearby, send a text message with your exam questions. Your friend sitting in front of a computer or having the necesary books will find and send you replies. As a variation of this method, you and your friend may send not SMS, but images for quicker communication.

  • Risk level8 out of 10
  • What you need: cell phone, MMS or 3G access


cheat in exam with google

Seems incredible but surveys show that studens find a way to search for a reply in Google. For that simply choose a seat that is out of direct visibility of the teacher. For simplifying the task we recommend to bookmark in advance the necessary resources.

  • Risk level9 out of 10
  • What you need: cell phone, 3G access


Tiny Hidden Paper Notes

tiny hidden paper notes

The best among traditional cheating methods is using tiny paper notes. So how to cheat on a test using this method? Simplier than you might think! You may write or print the exam replies or formulas on a tiny piece of paper and then simply hide it wherever you like – in a sleeve, under exam paper, on a seat. When the teacher is waling by, be sure to hide the note.

  • Risk level4 out of 10
  • What you need: paper, pen or printer, time for prepararion

Notes on Your Arms/Legs

how to cheat on a test with notes on your arms/legs

How to cheat on a test without supplemental stuff? One of the best methods is writing hints on your arm, hand or legs. Make sure that the parts of the body covered with notes are well hidden under clothes when your teacher is near you. And when necessary just slide back the sleeve to read your notes.

  • Risk level5 out of 10
  • What you need: pen, time for prepararion

Binder or Pencil Case Notes

Binder or Pencil Case Notes

If spoiling your pensil case or binder is not a problem for you, write notes on them in advance. So that the teacher doesn't see them, put a book onto it, and when the teacher is not looking, move away the book to see the information you need.

  • Risk level7 out of 10
  • What you need: binder/pensil case, pen, time for prepararion

Bottle Label

cheat on exam with bottle

If you are permitted to take a water bottle to the exam, use its label for writing or printing all the necessary information on its back side. To prevent the teacher from seeing your notes you may take Cola that is not transparent and hides the notes, then take some sips, the notes on the label will reveal. Or simply keep the bottle on the floor and take it to “drink” only when you need a hint.

  • Risk level8 out of 10
  • What you need: water bottle, pen or printer, time for preparation

Draft Method

how to cheat on exam with drafts

How to cheat in exams if you know exam questions  in advance? Make drafts for each question on a separate sheet. Then put them in correct order into your book/dictionary or under jacket. Having received your exam question from the teacher, simply pull out the draft you need and put it under the exam paper. If there are no special exam papers and you can use yours, simply switch the papers.

  • Risk level9 out of 10
  • What you need: paper, pen, time for prepararion

It is never advisable to cheat on exams or tests. Instead, the best approach is to prepare well in advance, remain calm and confident during the exam, and avoid panicking. With these strategies, you can improve your chances of passing the exam with flying colors. Remember, cheating is never a viable option and can have serious consequences.

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